Cooking Cooking~

Title: Cooking Cooking~
Pairing: KangTeuk
Genre: Crack and fail XD
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Word count: 350 (but still give it a try D: lol)
Disclaimer: Kangin and Leeteuk belong to themselves...for now (?)
Summary Carrots having sex in the kitchen (just kidding they're just been murder 8D) 
N/A Another from when I started writing fics back in 2009, but this time something not KangMin related n__n

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TOP/ Don't hang up

You, Me, Him

Title: You, Me, Him

Pairing: KangMin  
Genre Angst
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: Kangin and Sungmin belong to themselves. Unfortunately.
Summary: He thought love was easy.
A/N: So, another 2009 of my repertory 8D.  Even tho I don't like writing Angst but inspiration gave me this and I couldn't help it.  So I hope someone likes it ._.

Well, again, english is not my first language and well is not beta-ed >.<

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TOP/ Don&#39;t hang up

The heat and the beer

Title: The heat and the beer
Pairing: KangMin  (small KiHae if you squint)
Genre: AU...eehh some smut and, I think fluff?
Rating: NC-17
Length: One shot
Disclaimer: Only the story is mine...*sigh*
Summary: It was a hot day, a hot and boring day. (sucking with summary =/)
A/N Is not my first time writing but it is my first time posting here on LJ. This one shot I wrote it on 2009 but in Spanish, so I decided to translate it (with the rest) and give it a try here :) Is not beta-ed and there should be lots of errors (specially since English is not my first language) but I hope you enjoy it ♥
This was dedicated to kiitha and is still is *-*

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Nickhun/ Khunnie

I'm baaaaack.....maybe.

Well, I practically had my LJ abandoned (I only came sometimes to read some fics) and well I'ts been years since the last time I wrote something. But this month I've been craving to write again and I've bee doing some brainstorming with some ideas to see if I can put them on track.

Even tho I have a few fics somewhere in my computer, when I wrote them were in spanish so now I'm translating then slowly to post them here and finally made some use to my LJ  lol

Well let's see how this work~~ 

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The character I am from FB

So, because I was bored I decided to do it and the result of the test I did a few mins ago is this, the character I am from Fruit Basket~

 <-- "You're a misterious person, but that doesn't mean you don't worry about the others"

I'm Yuki O.o

Oh well, I'm satisfied...............................I think XD