May 25th, 2009

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Super Junior Genre: ROCK!! (?)

Well I need to say this because was soooo weird XD

When I got my Ipod the first thing I did was to put my fav music in there...obviously

Most of the time I play the playlist but one time I wanted to hear just rock...hardcore, metal, alternative, gothic etc.

But then something happened o.o.....

Home -Three Day Grace -  me -->             >.<

I wish I had an Angel -NightWish      -       >.<\~/

Not Falling - Mudvayne              -            \~ />.<\~/

Haenbok(Happiness)- Super Junior    -     o.o ? - O.O wtf ?? - O.o huh? - XD - /)_(\ omg

In conclusion, SJ's genre is Hardcore Rock!!!!!! 8D (?)

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