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The heat and the beer

Title: The heat and the beer
Pairing: KangMin  (small KiHae if you squint)
Genre: AU...eehh some smut and, I think fluff?
Rating: NC-17
Length: One shot
Disclaimer: Only the story is mine...*sigh*
Summary: It was a hot day, a hot and boring day. (sucking with summary =/)
A/N Is not my first time writing but it is my first time posting here on LJ. This one shot I wrote it on 2009 but in Spanish, so I decided to translate it (with the rest) and give it a try here :) Is not beta-ed and there should be lots of errors (specially since English is not my first language) but I hope you enjoy it ♥
This was dedicated to kiitha and is still is *-*

He got out of the car and into the building as fast as he could, already inside the elevator he leans in one of the walls to feel his skin cooling down a bit and wiping with the back of his hand a thin layer of sweat from his forehead. The hot weather that day was unbearable.

He arrived to his floor, walking with heavy steps to his apartment. The young male opened the door and stepped in, he heaves a sigh, finally he was at home. Leaving his keys on the table, he notices the sliding door of the balcony wide open. Walking there and peeking his head to the balcony he sees his boyfriend there, leaning on the rail, looking down to the streets with a can of beer in hand ‘probably not the first one of the day’ he thought.

“Hey” He said softly, getting the other male’s attention. The other slightly older man was shirtless and wearing a subtle frown on his face. The younger stepped in and bent a little to kiss the other’s lips, tasting the beer right away. “What a day, huh? The heat is impossible”. He complained, feeling how the older got closer and took off a few small pieces of hair that were sticking in his forehead because of the sweat.

“How’s your brother?” Youngwoon asked, taking another sip from his beer. “Hi twisted his right ankle while practicing some dance steps, nothing too severe, I was going to come back earlier but he hurt his ankle again before I could leave, you know how hyper and stubborn Donghae is” Sungmin explained, receiving a knowing smile from the taller one.

“But, Kibum came soon after that and I took that as a cue to escape, and leave him with Donghae’s complaints and pouts” He said, ironically pouting at that. “I’m going to take a shower” he murmured with a sigh “Want to come?” He offered but received a negative “I already did Minnie…” the taller answered, receiving another pout. Sungmin turned around and went back inside and into the bathroom. The cool water made wonders on his heated skin, he almost moans out of relief. It was really relaxing.

After taking a good bath he went out, a towel wrapped up firmly around his hips, while with another one he dried his hair. In the bedroom he put some dark green knee length shorts and a black tank top. Going back to the living room he stopped on his tracks, lifting his eyebrows out of curiosity. His partner was now lying on the floor in front of the couch, shirtless like before but now he was wearing only boxers. His pants were nowhere to be found. His knees were flexed up and a can of beer (probably a new one) on his left side. His head sideway, watching the television. ‘How the hell can he, in that position?’ Sungmin thought. The younger male walked around the couch, making sure not to step on his boyfriend to sit on the couch. “Youngwoon ah, why don’t you come here?” He asked softly while patting the space beside him. “The floor’s cooler” The man mumbled without taking his eyes of some Taekwondo competitions. Sungmin just sighed and relaxed on the cushions, watching how his lover after a couple of minutes, started to change the channel trying to find something more interesting.

With a loud sigh, Youngwoon left whatever channel he stopped at the moment, resigned. A day like today, hot and with nothing interesting to watch, just great.

The taller man stretched his legs, putting his left arm under his head as a cushion. Sungmin saw the movement and took one of the little cushions and gave it to him. Youngwoon opted to bring close his hand to one Sungmin’s dangling foot, caressing it softly, from the ankle, to the little toes, one by one, causing a bit of a tickling sensation to the shorter male.

At that moment, Sungmin saw again that body lying on the floor, tracing every inch of skin and muscle until he stopped right where the underwear started. At first with the older male’s flexed knees h couldn't ee it, but now all stretched down, he can see…oh yes he can, the bulge underneath the thin layer of the boxers. He fixed his stare on that zone; his love doesn't eed to have an erection to notice that great bulge. Unconsciously, he licked his full lips and turned his eyes to Youngwoon’s face but his attention was still on whatever was on the television. He can still feel his lover caressing his foot. Slowly, he brought his free foot to the other’s hipbone, stroking gently until he reached the waistband. He still felt the hand fondling with his toes, so he kept stroking the skin. He reached the fabric of the underwear, his toes tracing down surreptitiously to the crotch, rubbing slightly there.

It looks like the man on the floor was too focused on the television because it took a few seconds to notice what was happening. He turned his head to see the younger male, but this one was “watching” the TV like h wasn't oing anything else. Sungmin fixed his eyes on purpose on the random variety show they were watching, but with the corner of his eyes he saw his lover’s movement, fighting the knowing smirk that was threatening to break on his lips. He kept stroking the other’s crotch and notice how the attention on his other foot hesitated from time to time, that’s when he saw how Youngwoo wasn't ooking at the TV anymore, but opted to stare at the ceiling.

Not stopping what he was doing and enjoying his boyfriend’s change of body language; shudders, irregular breathing and biting his lips when the younger choose to put a little bit of pressure. The taller male decided to just close his eyes and he let himself go.

Satisfied with the results, Sungmin licked his lips again and felt how the other’s crotch became hard slowly. With a sly smirk, he inserted his toes to the front hole of the boxers, having at last direct contact with the erection. Youngwoon groaned and tighten his grip on the younger’s ankle.

“Minnie ah” He breathed and as if it was an order, his lover removed his foot and got up, moving close and sat on his hips, he took off his shirt right away, leaning to seal his lips with the other. A gentle touch at first, becoming more passionate and deep.

He felt how his lover’s strong but gentle hands found home at the back of his neck, his thumb stroking the skin there. Sungmin started to move his hips a bit, causing a slight friction among them. Pulling apart briefly to breathe and gasp at the sensation, they were kissing again in a fraction of a second. Youngwoon gripped Sungmin’s hips firmly to help him with the friction, both feeling the shock of pleasure. The younger’s hand went to the other’s chest, caressing it. They pull apart once again without taking his eyes of each other, then; Sungmin kept trailing kisses on his lover’s neck and chest while maneuvering with his hands to take off his shorts together with his underwear.

Youngwoon undo the only fabric he had on and Sungmin got back to his sitting position, making both moaned when their members touched on a direct contact. The older male took again the younger’s hips while the latter return to trail more kisses now on his chest. Unexpectedly the taller gasped when he felt something cold down his abdomen, opening his eyes he saw how the man above him had the beer he had previously beside him, it was now on the other’s hand. Spilling a small amount on Youngwoon’s warm skin.

He let out a chuckle, lowering again and giving a few small licks where the already warm liquid was, tasting the skin mixed with the strong flavor of the alcohol.

He found that image very erotic, it turn him on even more if that was even possible. The shorter man resembled like an eager kitty with his milk. ‘A not-so-innocent-and-very-sexy kitty’ Youngwoon’s mind added.

The man kept going down with the licks until he stopped for a brief moment. Now with the beer in one hand and Youngwoon’s cock on the other. His lover arched his head back and close his eyes when he poured a bit of beer in the man’s member and right after that he deep throat him in one go, sucking hard on the throbbing length from the base to the tip and back again. That was taking him on a trip to madness, he was lucky of his self-control, h would've ome right then and there.  

Suddenly that perfect and sinful mouth left him and he growl in disappointment at that, but when he open his eyes he felt and saw another thing at the tip of his cock. His lover was adjusting himself to ride him “Minnie ah wait, I haven’t prep you yet” He warned, but was ignored and felt how the rim muscle slide down slowly, feeling the tight warm cavity engulfing him.

“Sungmin!” He called him firmly while sitting up fast with the intention of stop his lover. Big mistake. That move, cause him to thrust in completely inside the younger, causing him a whimper of pain. “Shit!, baby I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” He apologize slightly desperate, he stroke the latter’s back while the other man hid his face on the crook of his neck, eyes shut trying to forget the discomfort.  Youngwoon took his lover’s face with both hands to see him, a small tear escape from his still close eyes. He lean close to kiss him softly. “I’m coming out” he whispered “No” Sungmin said quiet but firm “Just d-don’t move yet” He beg with a tiny voice before going back to hide in the other’s neck.

H didn't ove, not an inch, but he did started to kiss Sungmin’s shoulder while he slide a hand between them and started to work on the other’s length in a gentle pace. Feeling a hot breath on his neck and after some silent seconds he heard a muffled moan and another, and another. The shorter mal shouldn't e that tight and the pai shouldn't ast that much, he still remembers the morning sex they had that day. He increased the pace of his hand and felt the small body shudder of the pleasure that frenetic hand was giving him. After a while he felt his lover tense and followed by a loud moan and a warm liquid on his hand warned him the younger reached orgasm and now the man was trying to recover his breath.

econds later, he sat up and look at Youngwoon’s eyes and then he kissed him, fusing in those lips. Very slowly, he moved his hips lightly to make the older male know that he could move. From one moment to another, The taller man hold his lover to turn them so he can lay Sungmin on the floor, his head on the little cushion the other was using previously. He grip those hips again and started to thrust in the other male.

He was feeling a little bit sore for the incident, but as soon as his lover started to slam inside him, every time deeper and faster, the way he only knew how to do it made his mind go blank, gasping at how fast that man could find the sweet spot inside him. His body was a shaking mess along with his moans. Suddenly the room felt like it was getting hotter; their bodies wear getting covered by a thin layer of sweat. Small drop of sweats tickling down the big muscle back of his boyfriend, he felt it when he traced his fingers there.

He was over the edge, the other was slamming hard inside him, the sound of hitting flesh and his lover growls, he was already hard again and ready to fell off the cliff. That moment when you’re falling and the adrenaline just engulf your body at the moment when you know you drop dead but then you never gets to reach the ground, and stayed suspended in midair, feeling the sway of the sensations and pleasure that surrounded that intimate act.

Sungmin took his cock and stroke it at the same rhythm as the thrusting, widening his leg as much as he could, panting like a mad man and hearing his lovers groaning, it was just like his favorite symphony made by something that fused them together.

Youngwoon felt the tingling of the warm sensation that he knew so well, warning him that he was close. Leaning down to kiss the other, tasting him and swallowing his moans. He pull apart for the needy air and went back to abuse those red full lips. Thrusting a few more times, h couldn't old it anymore. Groaning he spilled inside his lover and the latter at the feeling of being full he too came in his hand.

A combination of the sound of the TV and the hard breathing of the two bodies now lying parallel to each other on the floor was the only noise one can hear on that living room at the moment. They were exhausted and now that they got down from the cloud they were, and their senses were back, they notice that now they have double the heat and their skin was sweating and sticky and the floo wasn't old anymore. It was a nuisance. “I definitely need to buy more beer” the older said with a smirk at the memory. Sungmin chuckled and he sat up and gave the other a brief kiss, removing some strand of hair stuck on his forehead.

They looked at each other lovingly for a few seconds.

“I definitely need another shower” Sungmin remarked, getting up of the floor, walking of the direction of the bathroom. He stops on his tracks, turning to see Youngwoon still on the floor. “Want to come?” He offered again and this time he smiled when he saw him getting off the floor without hesitation. The younger man turns back and kept walking and the taller male fallowed him, reached him. Hugging him from behind and kept walking. They really needed a shower. And who knows while they at it...


So how was it? Comments will be loved.
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Btw, I made a mistake and LJ just fucked up the text, so I think it ate a few letters ._. not gonna fix it now, too sleepy D:
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