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You, Me, Him

Title: You, Me, Him

Pairing: KangMin  
Genre Angst
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: Kangin and Sungmin belong to themselves. Unfortunately.
Summary: He thought love was easy.
A/N: So, another 2009 of my repertory 8D.  Even tho I don't like writing Angst but inspiration gave me this and I couldn't help it.  So I hope someone likes it ._.

Well, again, english is not my first language and well is not beta-ed >.<

He was looking like an idiot at the body that laid peacefully sleeping to his side. He didn't even wanted to blink. Sometimes he forgets to breathe just so he didn't miss any detail, any reaction nor expression. He wanted to memorize every inch of that milky skin. He didn't are anymore if he was being sappy or not, he already admitted it to himself.  He was a fool in love.

His eyes traced the body that move at the rhythm of his soft breathing, so innocent, so perfect.

He always kept his crush on the younger in secret. Until a rush of impulse, of bravery, a risky game of “all or nothing” and he got himself a surprise when his feeling was being reciprocated. But, at what price? He knew the ‘wait&rsquo didn't  stop there, that his battle has barely begun. Because unfortunately for him, there was someone else in the younger’s heart.

His dongsaeng ask him to make him forget, that to love and hate a person at the same time is not right and h didn't ant to keep hurting himself with someone that make him suffer.

He vowed to tear off any trace of the one that was tormenting his love until it was only his own name on the younger’s lips. And here he was now, watching over his dreams, protecting him even while sleeping. Let him wander in the oniric world. Feeling at ease, he could rest a bit of that daily battle he have to protect that fragile heart.

Stroking the delicate face, inhaling his scent and making his lover stir a little and resulting of the younger’s face being close to his. Tempted, he draw near, feeling the other’s breath, he closed his eyes, feeling that wave of sensations induced by those sweet lips.

Caressing his love’s lips with his own, making the other to release a sigh. Smiling satisfied to know he was the owner of those reactions. Because the smaller man sighed for him…right? But something unexpected happened, those heart-shaped lips moved subtly, mumbling, letting out a sound, a word…a name.

A name.

He only needed to hear a name and all his world would come crumbling down. Slowly, he pulled apart with clouded eyes from the hot tears that filled up quickly. So much fighting and struggling, he took out his soul out of his body to stitched up the younger’s wound with it. He gave his heart so he could live on that. He gave all his being for him to forget and be happy. Anything and everything in vain…it was garbage.

“Why?” he question himself breathily. What he did wrong? Is it something h didn't o?

“Why I can’t take him out of your heart?” He kept asking, now with a lump on his throat. He suddenly, felt cold and numb. He looked at his dongsaeng once more, wh wasn't ware that he just killed a man without a need of a weapon


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Ok, for whoever read this (if there's someone ._.) I don't know what's wrong with LJ that it's eating my letters whenever I edit, I tried to fix it but it won't work, so you know, is not any typo on my behalf, it's pissing me off but idk what else to do :(

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