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Cooking Cooking~

Title: Cooking Cooking~
Pairing: KangTeuk
Genre: Crack and fail XD
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Word count: 350 (but still give it a try D: lol)
Disclaimer: Kangin and Leeteuk belong to themselves...for now (?)
Summary Carrots having sex in the kitchen (just kidding they're just been murder 8D) 
N/A Another from when I started writing fics back in 2009, but this time something not KangMin related n__n


“Kangin, out!”

Another fail try to get inside the kitchen. Leeteuk’s been there more than 10 minutes and every time he tried to go in, he was kicked out. Almost literally. Kangin went back to sitting in the couch, he was a little worried and it was not for his roommate but for his precious food.

He could hear the racket the older male had in the kitchen. Metal clashing in the sink, some utensils falling on the floor and even some Ouch’s and Aish’s from the ‘chef’. Anyone else would've thought that some World War III broke loose in their kitchen. He was starting to regret complaining how hungry he was.

Determined, he got up from the couch, to try for the last time to save his food. He poked his head in the kitchen doorway and saw a chunk of carrot flying and landing on his feet. He blinked at it a few times before looking at his roommate. “Hyung, are you really sure you don’t need any help?” He asked with a lifted eyebrow, amused.

“Nope” Was the only answer from the other man, not stopping what he was doing. “You sure? It just that you've een here half an hour, is not that you’re making a feast” He joked “By the way, what are you doing?” He asked a little bit impatience now that the smell made his stomach growl.

"Don't be curious, it’s done already, just go and set the table, you’ll know what is it, soon enough, is the specialty of the house” He said with a cheerful tone.

Kangin set the table on record time, a small amount of stuff of course; it was just a dinner for two. He waited for his hyung, who came no more than 20 seconds later with a pot, putting it down on the table. "Mmmh smells good, what is it?" He asked again, this time with enthusiasm because of the smell.

Leeteuk, started to move the lid slowly, making drumming sounds with his mouth to put some tension and surprise effect on the mood.



So, I'm back again, is something short I know but couldn't help it.  And is lame I know! XD
If there is a weird typo, is not me, LJ just hate me ._. 

Comments are loved ;p
Tags: crack, drabble, g, kangin, kangteuk, leeteuk

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